Earn Passive Income

Watch your crypto holdings
grow with $MNRY


Why Moonery?

Moonery is a community-driven, no-loss prize game and no-loss pool launchpad built on Binance Smart Chain #BSC. We bring the most revolutionary mechanism to the BSC ecosystem.

Passive Income

Earn passive MNRY & BNB by holding MNRY tokens

No-loss Lottery

Stake $MNRY to be eligible to win weekly Lottery prizes

Defi Invest

Automatically pool growth by investing in other Defi tokens

Anti Whales

Anti-Whale feature to prevent pump-dump-existing whales for price movement protecting

Burn Strategy

We aim to implement a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for long-term holders

Great Community

Speak directly to the MNRY team or chat with our like-minded community

Find Out How to

Use Trust Wallet or MetaMask



NO-LOSS Lottery

Prizes are made up of all the interest earned on deposited tokens in the lottery pool.



every week multiple winners

be one of them

Today can be your LUCKY DAY - Gain access to our no-loss prize game and experience the lottery-like never before.

Become a Winner

Knowledge base

Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion $MNRY

8% Private sale

30% for the fair launch. We add 30% of tokens to LP on Pancakeswap

5% goes to the lottery. We will add a 0,5 % weekly bonus to the staked pool.

5.2% for the foundation: Team only gets 0.8%, and 1% for marketing.

$MNRY is a fork of $MRAT, $MRAT is a fork of $SAFEMOON. 2% of the foundation will be buying $MRAT and $SAFEMOON for their amazing works and put the tokens to the prize pool as added rewards.

45% burn. The first week we will burn 10% and the weeks after 1% each week.

The Stake Prize Pool is a prize pool that uses $MNRY as the underlying asset. Users can stake their $MNRY to become eligible for whatever prize is defined as the prize strategy for that pool.

This is particularly useful for protocols that are sitting inactively in users wallets - why not stake them in a pool and become eligible for rewards?

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Although cryptocurrency is becoming a popular way for individuals to use as securities, please note the high volatility that is involved in trading, investing, staking, and purchasing crypto commodities. There are always high risks associated with smart-contracts. Everything that you are provided with through our platform is for informational and educational purposes. All information claimed or provided, should be independently confirmed, researched, and verified. The MOONERY team cannot be held accountable for damage or loss due to reliance on the information provided. Lastly: 1) Understand the risks involved. 2) Consult a professional financial advisor. 3) Only use the money you can afford to lose.